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Regulations and Responsibilities

Please see the following:

Charter of Rights

The following rights of students are subject to the responsibilities outlined in this Charter and the applicable rules, regulations and policies as outlined by the Academy.

  • To express themselves, either individually or as a group, on any subject.
  • To form, join and take part in any approved student or academic organization approved by the Academy.
  • Have published and made available on request the rules, regulations and policies of the Academy affecting students.
  • Enquire into and be informed honestly and fully about the reasons for such rules, regulations and policies.
  • To make, without fear of repercussion, a reasonable complaint or petition to the appropriate authority of the Academy.
  • To have a safe and positive learning environment.
  • To have other students adhere to the Student Responsibilities set out in this Charter, and the right to pursue a complaint should other students fail to comply.
  • No final discipline or sanctions taken against a student for failure to meet Student Responsibilities, except in conformity with the procedures set out in this Charter.


Students' Responsibilities 

  • Comply with the directions of any member of the faculty or staff working at the academy, or any person acting on behalf of such, provided that such a person is acting in the proper performance of his or her duties;
  • Refrain from any conduct which infringes on the rights of others
  • Take reasonable care of any property or facilities being used and leave such property or facilities in a state in which they can be enjoyed and used by other members of the Academy
  • Become familiar with and observe all rules and regulations set out by the Academy.
  • Contribute to and maintain a respectful and accepting learning environment which is free from fear, harm, discrimination, harassment and intimidation.
  • To be informed and adhere to the policies, rules, and regulations set out by the Academy.
  • Failure to comply with these Student Responsibilities may form the basis of a complaint, and may result in the imposition of discipline up to and including expulsion.

Students' Conduct Rules

The following are examples of prohibited conduct. This list is not designed to be all-inclusive or exhaustive:

  • Impairing the freedom of other persons to pursue their studies.
  • Interfering with the fundamental goals of the Academy in teaching or in the testing and certifying of the standards reached by its students.
  • Disrupting the due processes of the Academy or causes damage to Academy property.
  • Deliberately obstructing any teaching activity, examination or official meeting or proceedings of the Academy.
  • Deliberately disobeying any reasonable instruction of a senior member of the Academy.
  • Cheating or acting dishonestly in connection with any supervised examination of the Academy
  • Divulging any confidential information relating to any Academy matters.
  • Deliberately obstructing or attempting to deter any lecturer or employee of the Academy in the performance of their duties.
  • Deliberately damaging or wrongfully dealing with any property in or on the premises of the Academy.
  • Any form of verbal or physical abuse or harassment of a person on the premises of the Academy.
  • It is unacceptable for students to be in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs or substances within the premises of the Academy.
  • Notwithstanding anything in this clause, “misconduct” does not include plagiarism (except to the extent that it may also constitute cheating or acting dishonestly) in an essay, assignment, exercise, thesis or other writing by a student, and nothing in this rule affects the operation of any rule in force in respect of such plagiarism or the authority of any person in relation thereto.
  • Misusing of Computing Resources - Use of computing resources for unauthorized commercial purposes or personal gain. Failure to protect your password or use of your account. Breach of computer security, harmful access or invasion of privacy.
  • Furnishing false information and/or withholding information reasonably demanded by the Academy.
  • Violating terms of any disciplinary sanctions.


Attendance Expectations

Students are expected to attend all the lectures. This is of benefit to the student since a long term of absence will imply lack of commitment on the part of the student which will reflect in the final examinations. Repeated failure of attendance will result in the withholding of course certificates and may be inhibited from sitting for exams. Notice of absence from class should be given at least 2 hours in advance of the start of a lesson.

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