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About Us

The Academy of Law, Finance & Family Business is a centre of academic excellence which strives to bridge the gap between the worlds of Law, Finance, Corporate and Family Businesses, offering a range of flexible training programmes in these areas. These programmes through three Faculties offer students a thorough academic grounding whilst fully addressing the real world needs of corporate and family business in relation to their legal and financial exigencies.  These Faculties are:  Faculty of Law Studies, Faculty of Finance and Accounting Studies and Faculty of Family Business Studies.

The Board of Studies

The Board of Studies of the Academy is made up of a multi-disciplinary team specialising in Law, Finance, Accounting, Tax, Management and Family Businesses.  All the courses provided by the Board are aimed at bridging theory with practice. This bridging is considered essential as it highly facilitates the move of the students from the world of studies to the work arena.


The Academy’s objectives are essentially two-pronged, namely:

  • To satisfy the needs of students aspiring to further their studies through specialisation in the areas of Law, Finance and Family Business Governance Programmes, enabling them to achieve recognised and accredited local and international qualifications.
  • To satisfy the needs of those who have entered already the field of employment and wish to enhance their skills and knowledge in their daily work practices for advancement and other purposes.

Quality Standards

The Academy is characterized by the pursuit of excellence and innovation in its endeavours to teach, research and consult and to be accountable and transparent in its everyday functioning. This objective renders the Academy the natural choice for the fulfillment of the academic and professional training needs of students who embrace the same values. These standards are rendered achievable through the processes of self-evaluation and continuous improvement.

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